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Who We Are

Many financial service agencies overlook underserved communities. MyTaxx Office, LLC, puts an emphasis on financial education and leverages innovative opportunities to empower people in underserved communities to build a strong financial foundation, make informed decisions, develop money management skills and take practical action steps on wealth building strategies.

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What We Do

MyTaxx Office, LLC, offers exceptional tax preparation services, but our primary goal is to empower clients to take control of their futures through financial services, education, and innovative business opportunities. We simplify personal finance and give clients the tools and knowledge to make the best financial decisions for today and for the future.

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A Mission for Change

Whether you come to us as a client or a minority business partner, our mission is to change lives through financial education and innovative wealth creation strategies. We help our clients create financial independence and develop the confidence and skills to use money as a tool to support a fulfilling and rich life.

“If Black People are strong in America, it makes America stronger!

- Marlon Jackson, Senior Tax Professional

Our Expert Team Can

  • Educate you on how to put your money to work for you.

  • Guide you in building wealth through innovative entrepreneurial strategies.

  • Help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

  • Empower you to become confident and comfortable navigating personal finance.

  • Give you the tools and skills to become financially independent.

  • Protect your assets from losses.


“Financial Literacy is the way to freedom and independence.”

Marlon Jackson - Senior Tax Professional


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