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About MyTaxx Office, LLC

Rising income inequality and the disparity of wealth distribution in America has led to an increased demand for financial services, especially among minority communities. Although no definitive estimates exist, it is estimated that approximately 80% of the customers that use tax prep companies are minorities.

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Our vision at MyTaxx Office is to empower minority clients to become financially independent. We envision an America where all people can achieve a financially secure future… an America where nobody has to abandon their dreams.

We help people become financially independent by offering innovative wealth-building opportunities, as well as comprehensive education on personal finance. We believe that knowledge is power… but we also believe that action gets the job done. To that end, we simplify complex financial concepts, help our clients become financially literate, and introduce them to entrepreneurial opportunities that can put them on a path to a significantly better financial future.


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Headquartered in Forestville, MD, MyTaxx Office is seeking entrepreneurially-minded minority candidates interested in helping us change the face of the financial services industry. If you can see yourself helping your community while building wealth, become part of this innovative approach to financial planning. Connect with us today to discover more!